Michele Fontaniere Pop-up Gallery is a unique “pop-up gallery”. We display art in uncommon and creative locations, making placement of the art as much a part of the experience as the pieces. We locate and secure desirable venues to exhibit art that match with the selected clientele – the busy professional – and target the specific market the artist desires to reach by leveraging our relationships and access to unique locations in the professional world.


If art imitates life and life is not static, we believe an ever changing presentation is essential to the modern art world. People enjoy and purchase art in different ways and more formats than ever before. Our gallery offers a cutting edge alternative to the conventional display process. Instead of waiting for buyers to come, we go directly to them. Art is displayed at a law firm, an architecture firm, or a medical office which connects art hungry professionals, who love Art but are limited in time. ​

We organize and promote exhibitions to reach these consumers in places not typically associated with art exhibitions, in prestigious but surprising settings, specifically tailored to the artists’ target niche. We also complement each gallery opening with our signature cocktail parties which include gourmet French food and fine cocktails. ​​

Furthermore, while art lovers are drawn to the new, exciting, and unexpected, our target consumer does not have the luxury of time to go visit a gallery to enhance their art collection. Thus, we bridge this gap by bringing art to where they buyers are every day, the professional office. Our locations are carefully selected to provide more than just a place to passively observe art, but to participate in a unique experience at unforeseen settings.

We believe that art is the true expression of the best human nature can offer, it broadens the mind and challenges our individual perspective.This truly human experience can be shared with all!

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We aim to provide customized, luxurious services that never disappoint. At Michele Fontaniere Pop-up Gallery, we will try our best to give you an unforgettable experience


  • New artists
  • Unusual locations
  • selected guess list
  • confidentiality

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